Recorded Webinars

Managing the Ups and Downs of Homebuying & Owning – Recorded Webinar

Learn how to navigate the homeownership journey as interest rates rise and manage your budget during a hardship.

Fall in Love with Your Money – Recorded Webinar

Embracing your money personality can positively shape your spending and saving habits in the year ahead. Join us February 8th.

Set Yourself Up for Financial Success in 2023 – Recorded Webinar

Learn about tools and tips to avoid (or overcome) five common money challenges and take the right steps on your financial wellness journey in the New Year.

Identity Theft: What It Is and How to Protect Yourself – Recorded Webinar

In an age where we are increasingly connected through technology, protecting your devices and your online presence is vital.

What Is Your Money Personality? – Recorded Webinar

Your money personality affects your attitudes, behavior, and financial choices you make – as well as the consequences of those choices.

5 Steps to Survive Inflation – Recorded Webinar

This recorded webinar will give five solid tips on how to fight inflation, or, at the very least, take away some of its sting.

Student Loan Forgiveness: What you Need to Know (and Do) – Recorded Webinar

You will walk away with clear next steps to take advantage of relief programs you may be eligible for and to prepare for payments to resume in early 2023.

Ganemos El Juego Del Crédito Para Lograr Nuestros Sueños (Let’s Win The Credit Game To Achieve Our Dreams) – Recorded Webinar

¿Sueñas con tener una casa propia? ¿Una empresa propia? ¿Quieres comprar un auto? Si te gustaria mejorar tu crédito para realizar tus sueños – estamos aqui para ayudarte.

Retirement 101. Three steps to prepare for retirement! – Recorded Webinar

Do you feel you should be saving more for retirement? Are you unsure of how much money you need to retire? Watch this webinar.

Mentoring Kids for Financial Success – Recorded Webinar

Do you want to teach your child lessons about money? Are you unsure how or when to start? Watch this recorded webinar.

A Guide to Successful Homeownership – Recorded Webinar

Are you excited to buy and move into your first home? Do you want to remove as much stress and frustration as possible?

Try These Financial Life Hacks – Recorded Webinar

Inflation is impacting all of us, take a look at these financial life hacks to stay ahead of this difficult time.