Real Stories Ep 35: Stephanie – Finding Opportunity in Adversity

  • January 15, 2023
  • By: GreenPath Financial Wellness
Real Stories EP 35 Stephanie

Stephanie has navigated payday loans, credit card debt, student loans, a foreclosure and an eviction. Through it all, her mindset facing these concerns has been inspirational. She’s been skillful at putting out each fire but she’s also working towards a future state where she can better absorb a financial shock. 

Key Moments

2:48 Stephanie discusses what led to her losing her condo in foreclosure.

8:00 She gets evicted after falling behind on her rent but is now exploring resources to help her transition from her women’s shelter.

12:05 She talks about the decisions she faces with completing her education.

14:36 Stephanie considers the financial impact of her getting partial student loan forgiveness.

18:08 She describes her experience reaching out to GreenPath.

24:00 Stephanie explains why she obtained and how she eventually addressed her payday loans.

26:44 She shares her goal of building up a savings cushion to better handle unexpected future hurdles.

29:17 Stephanie discusses how she could create an income stream for herself and the other women in the shelter.

32:00 She details why she is inspired to share her story with others.

36:01 Stephanie buys a $120 coat for $18!

38:01 She advises others to seek out help without fear.

40:42 Our cohosts reflect on Stephanie’s story. Topics include trust, accountability, growth mindset and quality of life.

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Real Stories EP 35 Stephanie
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