Make it a Money Mindful Moment

  • November 22, 2021
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness
  • Category: Blog, Budgeting

Mindfulness means being present in the daily choices we make. Mindfulness sounds simple, and yet for most of us, it is challenging to stay mindful. We are distracted by patterns of our behavior, routines, never-ending online notifications, daily activities, and moment-by-moment thoughts. Mindfulness involves taking...

Real Stories Episode 21: Jessie – From Client to Counselor

After struggling with credit card debt in college, Jessie was all set to file bankruptcy. But after she told her family about her plans, they encouraged her to search for an alternative – a Debt Management Program with GreenPath.

Seven Steps to Financially Prepare Yourself for the Holidays

With the holiday season approaching, now is the perfect time to review your money management practices and work towards a debt-free holiday. Here are seven quick tips that will help you financially prepare for the holidays, budget and tame your use of credit, when it comes to gift-giving, entertaining and more! First...

The Budgetnista Talks “Next Level Adulting”

  • October 26, 2021
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness
  • Category: Blog, Savings

A Virtual Conversation Earlier this year, GreenPath hosted a special streaming event “The Financial Transformation You’ve Been Waiting For!” It was a virtual conversation featuring Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche. In this video highlight, The Budgetnista gives practical advice about next level “Adulting”...

Take Control of Your Finances

Taking Control of Your Finances is Easier Than You Might Think Getting started can seem challenging, but creating a financial plan, putting aside some savings, and keeping an eye on your credit report is proven to jump start you on the road to financial success. You may ask yourself, “How do I take control of my...

5 Creative Ways to Reduce Your Student Loan Debt – U.S. News & World Report

  • October 1, 2021
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness
  • Category: Blog, College, News

U.S. News & World Report shares GreenPath's tips for reducing student loan debt quickly to save money and reduce stress. Read the Full Article > Paying down student loan debt as much as your budget will allow will help you improve your overall financial health. GreenPath shares with U.S. News & World Report...

Tips to Rebuild Savings after a Change in Income

  • September 22, 2021
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness
  • Category: Blog, Savings

How can I rebuild my savings after an unexpected change in income? “Ask the Financial Expert” is a GreenPath series assisting readers with the pressing financial questions of everyday life. In each article, Jeffrey Avalero, a Financial Wellness Expert with GreenPath since 2006, uses his strong passion for helping...

How Did You Learn About Money?

  • September 14, 2021
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness
  • Category: Blog, Family

As a kid, how did you learn about money? For some people, the topic never came up. Handling bills, income, expense and unanticipated challenges were largely invisible and handled by the adults with little or no transparency. While some families talked openly about money, chances are you were in the majority who received...

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