Real Stories Episode 13: Tanisha Inspired Money Lessons Across a Generation

  • February 17, 2021
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

After getting into debt, Tanisha had feelings of shame and isolation. She turned to options that ended up increasing her stress, like payday loans.

But she found her way to GreenPath and discovered that she wasn’t alone. Inspired to build a better foundation for her son, she soon became debt-free.

Now, she’s an open book when it comes to discussing her money journey. And she’s taught her son well. In fact, the student has become the teacher as her son has started sharing money lessons with her.

Key Moments

2:09 Tanisha shares the money lessons learned from her parents.

4:34 Hear how she is intentional with her son when it comes to discussing finances.

8:01 Tanisha discusses how she first got into debt and how the birth of her son influenced her wanting to address this debt.

10:40 She finds GreenPath and feels supported by her financial counselor.

12:01 Tanisha discusses her feelings of anxiety and shame around her finances.

13:49 She shares why she is now an open book when it comes to discussing money and how she encourages others to do the same.

16:11 Tanisha discusses her experience with payday loans.

21:14 She talks about what it was like to be on a Debt Management Plan and how it affected her spending habits.

26:03 Tanisha thinks back to her feelings of liberation once she became debt-free.

28:00 She compares the difference between “buying” a house and “affording” a house.

29:24 Tanisha talks about her future goals, like retiring comfortably and affording college tuition for her son.

32:24 She gives advice to tackle debt head-on.

35:28 Tanisha’s son Noah joins us to discuss what he’s learned from her and what excites him about the stock market.

43:40 Our co-hosts reflect on the money lessons from Tanisha’s story.

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