Real Stories Ep 32: Derek – Redirecting His Energy to A Better Life

  • October 15, 2022
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

A native of Chicago, Derek runs several small businesses. For him, success is not just measured by his financial success, but by the opportunities he creates for others in his community. Derek’s money story is as real as it gets. He has taken the lessons from his past life to fuel his personal growth. His wisdom reaches beyond money.

Our conversation is a roundtable interview with our co-hosts, Omari and Shamica and special guest, Mick Dumke. A reporter for ProPublica, Mick had originally interviewed Derek for a piece he wrote in 2013 which details how the drug trade in Chicago was run like a Fortune 500 company.

A Letter from the United States Bureau of Prisons

The path to financial freedom is hard, and GreenPath is so proud to be part of Derek’s journey. You can read Derek’s full letter here.

Key Moments

4:36 Derek describes how multiple businesses and jobs help him work towards his financial goals.

8:21 He shares how he has redirected his energy to do what it takes to find success hustling.

15:24 Derek reflects back on how his childhood experiences influenced the decisions he made.

18:47 He discusses how and why his mindset shifted, both in terms of how he invested in himself and his community.

25:29 Derek starts a financial education program for incarcerated individuals.

27:28 Listen to Derek’s first letter to GreenPath from prison.

30:32 GreenPath’s materials are a springboard for Derek to create a customized curriculum for a re-entry program.

35:05 Upon his release, Derek finds a creative way to make money.

39:59 Derek describes how people reacted to his new mindset.

43:18 He describes how a personal tragedy led to his first getting involved in his business ventures.

46:34 Derek shares his wisdom about having a long-term mindset when it comes to your financial goals.

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