Real Stories Ep 34: Practical Tips from Three Personal Finance Experts

  • December 15, 2022
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness
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Throughout 2022, we’ve had lots of amazing guests. Three of our guests not only shared their personal stories but their professional expertise. So, today’s episode features the best of their advice.

Danny Kofke

Danny has written five personal finance books and appeared on numerous national television shows. He has given hundreds of presentations across the country helping others with money management. His mission is to show others that if a former schoolteacher can do well financially, they can too.

Shannon McLay

Shannon is the founder and CEO of the Financial Gym.  Her podcast, Martinis and Your Money has been going strong for seven7 years and 400 episodes. On her show, Shannon is not shy about talking about her own challenges.

Amanda Clayman

Amanda is a financial therapist – in other words, a clinician specializing in money issues. She believes money can be a tool for transformation: something she learned firsthand. You can hear her on WNYC’s Death, Sex & Money podcast. She also leads personal finance courses on LinkedIn Learning.

Key Moments

1:14 Danny offers advice on how to gain a sense of control with your budget.

2:21 Shannon emphasizes the importance of an emergency fund for life’s inevitable surprises.

4:03 Amanda discusses a budgeting technique that offers flexibility.

5:51 Danny describes how to balance needs and wants when adhering to a budget.

6:24 Amanda shares how to treat yourself in a healthy way.

8:14 Danny’s personal journey illustrates how making sacrifices opened up more possibilities in the future.

10:27 Shannon details her experience making a tough decision that eventually led to more financial freedom.

14:22 Danny and Shannon discuss the importance of having open and honest money conversations with their children.

16:45 Amanda talks about the benefit of using “benign curiosity” to examine our own money behavior.

18:03 Amanda shares a word of caution when it comes to automated spending.

19:14 Shannon discusses why starting as early as possible to address financial health is important.

21:27 Amanda questions the wisdom of chasing the perfect credit score.

23:14 Amanda and Shannon remind us that although we’re all financially unique, we still have a lot in common.

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