Real Stories Episode 11: Monte – Building a Money Mindset

Monte’s childhood had a profound impact on how he approaches money. While he regrets some of his decisions and habits around money, he also makes it a point to learn from his past.

Real Stories Episode 10: Mia – A Winding Road to her American Dream

She was referred to GreenPath by her mortgage lender and found another “family” who was willing to listen to her financial concerns.

Real Stories Episode 9: Andre – Perspectives Along the Way

Podcast guest, Andre, shares his personal stories and journeys of learning and teaching about personal finance.

Episode 8: Angela – A Journey Through Homeownership

In this episode, our guest Angela discusses her journey through homeownership and the financial decisions she and her husband had to make along the way. Angela spent a number of years at GreenPath in several roles. Her first role was as one of our Advocates— helping people who call GreenPath for the first time. Angela...

Episode 6: Dawn – A Difficult Decision

As many of us face challenges from the financial fallout of the COVID-19 crisis, learn how one family made a difficult decision and how their lives changed.

Episode 5: Michele – Feeling Optimistic in a Time of Challenge

Michele faced hardships from many different angles.  Her mortgage payment became unaffordable after her initial payment skyrocketed. 

Episode 2: Tammy and her husband change their family’s financial future

In episode 2 of our podcast, Tammy shares what it was like before, during and after her family’s Debt Management Plan. Listen to her story here.

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