Trailer – Bringing Humanity To People’s Money Journeys

  • November 15, 2019
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

We are excited to announce our first podcast, GreenPath Real $tories — Financial Wellness. The podcast shows that our financial lives are more than a number. Our guests will share their money journeys in their own words. Expect authenticity, vulnerability, and a little bit of inspiration.

In this special preview episode, you’ll meet our first six guests. Katie, who faces a shopping addiction. Tammy, who finds success after she and her husband let go and decide to be their authentic selves. Matt and Kendall, who face the prospect of filing bankruptcy a second time. Angela, who finds a dream home that almost turns into a financial nightmare. Dawn, who openly talks about her own difficult financial decisions when she helps others. And Annie, who despite a difficult financial journey to returning to college, is enjoying the intention behind her progress.

Music by Hir-o