Real Stories Episode 23: Amanda Clayman – Tips from a Financial Therapist who got a “$19,000 Haircut”

  • January 15, 2022
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

Amanda Clayman is a financial therapist – in other words, a clinician specializing in money issues. She believes money can be a tool for transformation: something she learned firsthand. In her own words, several years ago, “she blew up her financial life so spectacularly that it propelled her in a whole new career direction.” We’ll start with Amanda’s financial blow up and learn how she put things back together. After her story, stay tuned for part two of our interview where we pick her brain to learn some great practical money tips!

If you’d like to learn more about Amanda, check out her website. You can hear her on WNYC’s Death, Sex & Money podcast. She also leads personal finance courses on LinkedIn Learning, such as this course.

Key Moments

2:53 Amanda’s childhood involves living in a variety of socio-economic circumstances.

4:47 A free koosh ball eventually (indirectly) leads her down a challenging financial path.

7:48 Amanda moves to NYC and her lifestyle causes her debt to accumulate.

10:05 She creates a “strategy” to keep spinning her wheels.

14:25 Amanda gets a $19,000 haircut (ie a new approach to her finances) from her mom.

19:17 She describes the freedom of living under the constraints of her new budget.

21:07 Amanda opens up about her debt to her friends and realizes they’re all in the same boat.

24:04 She speaks to the role that luck played in her becoming debt free.

26:43 Her personal journey inspires her to create financial wellness opportunities for others.

32:42 Amanda leaves her dream job to start a new chapter on the other side of the country.

40:38 She speaks to the differences and similarities with her spouse and children when it comes to their money personalities.

Practical Tips

51:10 Amanda explains the “good enough” budget.

53:34 She talks about the benefit of using “benign curiosity” to examine our own money behavior.

54:53 Amanda shares how to “treat yourself” in a healthy way.

58:55 She cautions us when it comes to automated spending.

1:01:49 Is it a good idea to chase the perfect credit score?

1:03:40 Why we’re all financially unique

Podcast Episode 23: Amanda Clayment
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