Real Stories Episode 18 – Natasha’s Experiences Inspire Her to Connect People to Financial Wellness

  • August 12, 2021
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

Natasha was newly divorced with a young child and needed to return to the workforce. She struggled to pay her debts. After getting back on her feet, she started working for a credit union that allowed her career to grow. Equally important, her credit union provided invaluable tools that enabled her to reach her financial goals. Eventually, she started working with GreenPath and became debt free. Part of her role is to refer members to GreenPath – something she is even more inspired to do as she draws from her own deeply personal experience.

Key Moments

5:05 Natasha describes the difficult transition following her divorce.

6:14 She discusses how she navigated legal issues stemming from her debt.

8:41 Natasha’s new role at Frankenmuth CU provides money lessons she can apply to her own life.

10:43 She shares how she was able to grow her savings account.

14:42 Natasha takes steps to influence the financial health of her 4 and 11 year olds.

16:51 She details her experience on a Debt Management Plan with GreenPath for her collection accounts.

18:57 Natasha shifts her mindset from needing “things” to focusing on experiences.

25:20 She explains how she uses her personal experience with GreenPath to pay it forward as she supports her credit union members.

28:57 Natasha shares her upcoming financial goals now that she’s debt free.

30:43 She talks about her long term plans to save for her kids’ college, retirement and her wedding!

31:41 Natasha explains her motivation for sharing her story: breaking the wall that money is embarrassing.

33:28 She describes her mindset back when she was working 70 hours a week.

38:40 Natasha gives advice for individuals who are dealing with financial stress.

43:10 Our cohosts share practical money tips inspired by Natasha’s story.

Real Stories Episode 18
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