Pay It Forward

  • April 2, 2018
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

This story is part of a series that spotlights our employees here at GreenPath. We hope these stories will give you a behind the scenes glimpse into their daily lives, and how they strive to make an impact through financial wellness.


“You saved me. I was so depressed that I didn’t know what to do next. I’m so glad I joined your program! Again, thank you with all my heart.”


Pay It Forward

by Rachael, GreenPath Client Advocate

My First Day as a GreenPath Client Advocate

During my very first shift taking incoming calls from GreenPath clients, I spoke with a woman who had been going through a tough situation and she spoke very candidly about it.

We were graced with a light-hearted connection. We discussed the burnt hot dogs she anticipated for her upcoming birthday dinner and her nostalgia for the lobster dinners she used to enjoy, but could no longer afford.

Though she didn’t expect anything from me, other than to transfer her to one of our financial experts, my heart was heavy wishing I could do SOMETHING to give her a boost in her spirit.

A Gift of Red Lobster

The leader of my training class happened to listen to that particular call and commented how nice it would be to send her some something, like a Red Lobster gift card. At the time, we didn’t have anything in place to do so.

A few weeks later, I “randomly” won a drawing. The prize was a $25 gift card for the vendor of my choice. One could only guess what the status of that client’s finances (or heart!) was at that point, but an opportunity to try to bless her fell square into my lap, and my managers and leaders were quick to help me find a kind card and the client’s information to send her a Red Lobster gift card.

This experience did not solve any world problems, nor even necessarily move our client towards a better financial path, but I pray that it let her know she is loved and cared for. As for me, it was ample reason to remain hopeful and steadfast, even when I’m without an immediate answer.

Rachael’s Why

As a person who loves reading, learning, and understanding, a strong pressure developed in my adolescence to “have all the answers.”  That pressure led to feelings of inadequacy when I encountered questions or challenges that my intellect and willpower simply could not solve. I discovered solace in my faith.

As my faith grew stronger, I found myself having more patience with people.  I began to respond by asking and seeking, instead of being selfishly disappointed.

Increased understanding and clarity, have helped me be receptive to the needs of others. I focus on the real and valuable human. I work to really listen and hear them, instead of being so caught up on myself.

It is because of this realization and change of perspective, that I was able to make a small difference in Joyce’s life.