How One Family Increased Their Financial Health and Inspires Others to do the Same

  • October 25, 2021
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

GreenPath Financial Wellness Expert

Katee Wilson is a GreenPath Financial Wellness Expert based in Fort Collins, Colorado. She began working with GreenPath in 2015.

Katee’s favorite part about working at GreenPath is the difference the nonprofit organization makes in people’s lives. The work she does with clients helps them achieve their financial goals whether it’s saving for a home, paying down debt, or becoming homeowners.

As Katee notes, “Being a counselor is extremely rewarding. I really love the GreenPath culture! Everyone here really believes in what we are doing. It is easy to be yourself and it’s definitely a judgement free workplace.”

The following is the story Katee recently shared with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, on behalf of GreenPath client Victoria Garcia.

Victoria’s Story

Imagine facing a change in income and leaning on credit cards to make ends meet. Then, with the threat of foreclosure, continuing to add to mounting high interest debt.

These are the financial hardships I hear about as a financial counselor, but this client story is a standout and deserving of the 2021 NFCC Client of the Year award.

Meet Victoria from Aurora, Colorado who teamed with GreenPath to help her family figure out their finances and build a plan to clear out $45,000 in debt.

I’m glad this family discovered they didn’t have to handle the stress all by themselves. Our team worked with Victoria and her husband Jeff to assess their situation, understand their goals, and create a realistic action plan to move forward.

Nothing stopped their momentum. Once their debt was paid down, it was gratifying to see how new money behaviors transformed their financial habits. Jeff and Victoria started building a first-ever emergency fund for future unexpected life events.

GreenPath Counselor


Everyone who calls GreenPath receives a free financial counseling session. Contact us and start your financial wellness journey.


Everyone who calls GreenPath receives a free financial counseling session. Contact us and start your financial wellness journey.

A Dedicated Effort

From day one, the client committed to tackle $45,000 in credit card debt that built up due to education expenses and household purchases. At our initial meeting in GreenPath’s Fort Collins offices, the couple shared with us that their wake-up call came after receiving a pre-foreclosure letter from their mortgage servicer.

The couple used this challenge as motivation to turn their finances around and reimagine how they handle their finances. They successfully followed the debt management plan to the letter for 35 months, working with counselors to consolidate and wipe out outstanding debt by following a payment schedule that fit with their overall picture.

Overcoming Obstacles

The biggest obstacle the family overcame was avoiding the threat of foreclosure. As they paid down consumer debt through the debt management program, they stabilized their entire financial picture to better manage housing costs and monthly bills.

We worked with the couple to prioritize monthly expenses and build a first-ever family budget.

By creating a sustainable spending plan and successfully completing their Debt Management Plan, the couple gained peace of mind by improving their credit history and scores.

Learnings and Lifestyle Changes

Our entire team witnessed this incredible transformation. We know that personal finances affect relationships and stress levels. Stabilizing finances helped boost the health of the family’s well-being.

After paying it down, the couple pays it forward. Through the links below, see how the client uses various platforms to tell their money story in their own words so others may learn and be inspired.

This is an incredible gift the family shares, making them a perfect selection as a nominee for NFCC’s 2021 Client of the Year.


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