Welcome to #NoSpendNovember – Tips to Manage Money During COVID

  • November 2, 2020
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

Many months into the pandemic, we are all adapting to a landscape of masks, social distancing, modified school schedules, and uncertainty.

As we navigate these uncertain times, we know that we may not have all of the answers – especially as we manage money during COVID, but we are in this together!

GreenPath is returning to our #NoSpendNovember series of blogs this year, but with a twist. Our goal is to support you with practical financial tips each week so that you can weather the pandemic and usher in the new year with a financial plan.

Over the next four weeks, you’ll:

  • Receive tips on how to save in uncertain times
  • Learn ways to treat yourself (and others) without spending money
  • Understand how to curb your online spending
  • Consider who to reach out to if you are one of the millions who have been impacted financially by COVID19.

Stay Tuned to Manage Money during COVID

Throughout the month, you’ll get tips to manage money during COVID. Watch for new ideas shared in the GreenPath Financial Wellness blog series No Spend November.

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Don’t forget to share these tips with your family and friends all month long.

You’re not alone; this month or any time through the year! We are here to support you.

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Dusti Young Dusti Young has a passion and energy for spreading financial wellness. Through her role at GreenPath, she connects people to financial wellness by working with GreenPath’s partners. Dusti has been with GreenPath for nearly 13 years and has held a number of roles, including financial counselor, business analyst, and her current role, Partner Relations Specialist.