Putting People at the Center of Our Mission – Culture Eats Everything Interview

  • May 28, 2021
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

GreenPath President and CEO Kristen Holt joins Tom Willis for the “Culture Eats  Everything” Interview Series

Tom Willis, Co-Founder and Partner of Phoenix Performance Partners, hosts the interview series Culture Eats Everything. The series showcases authentic conversations with CEOs about all things leadership and culture.

Watch a highlight of Tom’s interview with GreenPath President and CEO Kristen Holt.  Kristen talks about GreenPath’s mission to empower financial health and wellness, and the importance of putting people at the center of all we do.

As a trusted national nonprofit, we will know we have achieved our mission when people feel prepared for life’s ups and downs, and have access to the tools and resources to manage their finances to support their goals.

We will know we’ve succeeded when it’s no longer taboo to talk about debt or finances, and people are helping each other succeed by sharing their stories and tips for financial transformation.

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