Service Partnerships and Counseling Promote Positive Outcomes – NUFCU

  • July 19, 2019
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

Excerpt from our Partners at University of Nebraska Federal Credit Union:

NUFCU partners with organizations that help it extend service to members who fall anywhere on the spectrum of financial well-being. For example, its relationship with GreenPath Financial Wellness provides members with free counseling and access to an optional low-fee debt management program.

GreenPath is a nonprofit that has been active in the financial wellness space for more than 60 years and empowers people to lead financially healthy lives. The organization guides NUFCU members through challenges involving debt, bad credit, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and more, to help them acquire the skills and tools they need to handle the inevitable financial hurdles of life with confidence.

Kauffeld said the goal of the partnership is to turn lives around.

“We had an individual who came into our credit union who had lost her part-time job and also her roommate who was helping with the mortgage,” Kauffeld said. “All of a sudden, she found herself with $34,000 in credit card debt — all with other financial institutions. We sent her to GreenPath in November 2013, and by September of 2018, she was completely out of debt. And none of it was written down — it was all completely paid off.”

And NUFCU provides members — and the public at large — with access to content from the Visa Practical Money Skills program through its website.

Visa believes that financial literacy empowers people to improve their lives, and connects consumers, educators, banks, and governments through its Practical Money Skills Program to achieve their goals. Topics range from budgeting, saving, and financial institutions to credit, debt, identify theft, and more. Games, instructional materials, and other resources help get these important messages across.

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We Can Help You With Free Financial Coaching

GreenPath offers free financial counseling and education to support people in paying off debt. Our professional, caring coaches will explain your options, including paying off your debt on your own or using a Debt Management Plan. They’ll support you to develop a personal action plan that works for you.