Six GreenPath Financial Wellness Employees Recognized as Inspiring Leaders

  • February 23, 2021
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

Famously, Martin Luther King, Jr. once asked: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?”

Transformational leaders are motivated by creating a positive change in the lives of others. GreenPath is proud that transformational leaders are part of our mission to empower financial wellness to those we serve.

Recently, six GreenPath employees have been recognized as Inspiring Leaders in the Inspiring Leader awards organized by Inspiring Workplaces.

The Inspiring Leader awards were created to recognize individual excellence, those that contribute to making their business, their community and the world a better place. 2020’s awards focused on recognizing inspiring leadership during the global pandemic. All entrants were nominated by their peers and demonstrated four key qualities that they believe defines an inspiring leader; they are humane, they are courageous, they communicate, and they unleash potential.

All six employees won their leadership recognition in the manager award category. They are now among the 55 Inspiring Leaders around the world, recognized from the C-Suite to the frontline.

Award Winners

Below are the winners and the endorsements from their collegues that accompanied the nominations:

Maureen Anderson, VP, Compliance & Network Oversight

“There is not a week that goes by in our one-one meetings that Maureen doesn’t ask what she can do to support me. […] I feel empowered to make decisions and strive to meet deadlines and goals. Maureen understands that the most effective way to drive change is to help your people work smarter, develop productive behaviors and better collaborators, especially during the new world of virtual business.‚ […] We believe that she deserves recognition for her work and talent that goes far beyond her job description.”

Scott Bradley, User Support and Virtualization Manager

“Scott has always lead with understanding and kindness. Without climbing the ladder, Scott listens and understands each person’s unique situation. He leads with compassion and empathy while encouraging others in and out of work. In situations where employees are struggling (specifically during the pandemic) he would listen and put himself in their situation, make adjustments that offered them support. One of the best managers I have had in my work career! Scott is a natural coach and an encouraging leader by nature.”

David Flores, Director of Client Services and Program Performance

“You can tell that he truly cares about our organization, our employees, and our clients through every interaction. He is always transparent, honest, and candid in conversations. He has made a huge impact on me over the last few years, and without him I do not believe that I would have grown as much as I have. I know that he is having a similar impact on other leaders and employees throughout the organization. I would absolutely love to see David be honored with this award, as he truly deserves it.”

Tony Fryer, Software Development Manager

“When I started working with Tony, what kind of leader he is was immediately apparent. Tony shies away from praise and credit, instead reminding praise-givers that his team is responsible for any successes. I’ve seen members of his team doubt themselves at times, as we humans tend to do, and Tony is always there to remind them of their skills and talents. He is a developer, not only in the software sense, but in the human sense. Tony can see each person’s potential and is passionate about helping them realize it too.”

Yogesh Goswami, Data Platform Architect

“Yogi is a great mentor. He is very inspiring and always willing to help his people. He is a pleasure to work with is eager to share his expertise with his team. When it comes to difficult news, Yogi always makes sure to schedule meetings with the whole team and talk through how people are feeling. He is a kind, understanding, and patient leader and is always available to his team for support.”

Karl Wyatt, Sr. Manager of IT Operations

“When the pandemic hit and we had to take everyone remote in a couple of days. Karl worked day and night to order the equipment, follow the shipment online all the way to our offices, and ensure people are scheduled to get it. When I asked, where he gets the energy from, he said “every piece of equipment delivered is equal to one person continued to be employed, one family continued to be supported. That’s where I get my energy from”. There isn’t a better example to explain Karl’s humanity. Karl never ceases to make me smile, whether it’s at myself or because of the many things he does. He has also shown how much he cares about his friends and family, even shedding a tear now and then. This honesty is inspiring.”

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