A Detroit Artists Mural

  • October 13, 2017
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

detroit artists muralA Detroit Artists mural draws inspiration from Norman Rockwell. Sydney G. James is the 2017 Kresge Artist Fellowship winner ($25,000) and College of Creative Studies alumna (2001) is among 54 muralists who brightened the city two weeks ago with street art for the Murals in the Market project.

James earlier was a resident artist at the Red Bull House of Art and last spring was one of six African-Americans from Detroit featured at a gallery in Lower Manhattan’s Chelsea district.

“No Census Taken” (above), painted on a wall at 27344 Michigan Ave. in August year to launch the Cultural Arts District in Inkster. It was commissioned by GreenPath Financial Wellness, a nonprofit consumer counselor in Farmington Hills.


Click here to read more about “No Census Taken” commissioned by GreenPath.