2022 High Interest Rates


These days, debt is costing you more. In a time of rising prices, credit cards can help pay for everyday expenses. But carrying a balance each month can be tough on budgets – especially as interest rates go up. What are your options to get control? Contact GreenPath to find out.

High Interest Rates

GreenPath is a Trusted National Nonprofit of 60 Years

GreenPath is a Trusted National Nonprofit of 60 Years

As a trusted national nonprofit, GreenPath Financial Wellness is ready to work with you to take steps to gain financial freedom from high interest credit cards.

NFCC-certified, caring counselors team work with you to understand your financial picture and outline steps to help tame high interest fees and achieve financial health. Request a call from a counselor today.

Pay Off Debt and Save Money

Thousands of Americans look to GreenPath to make a customized plan to lower interest rates, pay off debt faster, and save money along the way.

91% of people we counsel feel better prepared to handle their finances.*

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no cost. Debt counseling and credit counseling are free. Request a call from a counselor today.

Debt management fees vary based on your state of residence and debt amount. GreenPath charges a one-time set up fee that ranges from $0 to $50. We also charge a monthly fee that ranges from $0 to $75. This is minimal considering the amount of money our clients typically save in waived late fees, waived over limit fees, and reduce credit card interest charges.

No, an appointment is not necessary. GreenPath professionals are standing by to serve you by phone. Call or fill out the form to speak with a counselor.

Yes, absolutely. We do not report information to the credit bureaus. And we will not share your information with anyone without your permission. If you begin a debt management program, we will obtain your consent before we propose payment arrangements to your creditors.

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5 Stars Consumer Affairs

“They made things where I could afford them and still get my bills paid every month. They were really understanding and I would recommend them to anybody. I don’t have credit card debt anymore, so working with them is definitely a plus. It’s a blessing.”

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Connect with GreenPath to get control of high-interest debt.

*Source: GreenPath 2020 Post Counseling Survey; GreenPath 2019 Successful DMP Survey