Stop Swiping

  • November 7, 2018
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

Credit cards make it easy to swipe and go about our day. We swipe effortlessly, without realizing that we will have to pay off the charges later. Today, I want you to try to stop swiping.

We save our credit card information in all of our favorite apps so we can quickly hit purchase.

We use Venmo and Apple-pay and mobile apps that are intended to make our lives easier, but are you overspending? Challenge yourself to stop swiping today.

Take time to reflect on the purchase you are charging.

Imagine that you just completed an Amazon purchase. Ask yourself, “did I really need that?”

I would guess in many instances that the answer would be, “probably not.”

Many of us, when we get our credit card statements wonder, ”what did I spend my money on this month??!!”

Let’s pause and ask ourselves, “is this really worth buying?”


Dusti Young Dusti Young has a passion and energy for spreading financial wellness. Through her role at GreenPath, she connects people to financial wellness by working with GreenPath’s partners. Dusti has been with GreenPath for nearly 13 years and has held a number of roles, including financial counselor, business analyst, and her current role, Partner Relations Specialist.