4 Paths to Medical Debt Rehab – HerMoney

  • September 13, 2021
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

What’s the best way to manage medical debt? HerMoney asked GreenPath’s Katie Bossler to weigh in.

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GreenPath Weighs In

Medical bills are among the highest expenses people in the US will face. Financing health costs can be challenging, especially with a complicated insurance situation for most Americans.

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Understanding how to manage expenses like medical costs and loans starts with a conversation. Our financial counselors are available to talk. They can help you figure out a plan and will walk through your whole financial picture to help you understand the best way to borrow money.

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Katie Bossler
Katie Bossler has been with GreenPath since 2003.  She currently serves as a Quality Assurance Specialist and is based out of our Detroit office.  Katie passionately believes everyone can achieve financial wellness and is grateful to dedicate her work to help GreenPath remix the American Dream so it works for everyone.