Financial help available for gig workers during crisis – Scripps National News

  • May 11, 2020
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

Scripps National News features GreenPath Executive VP of Strategy, Rick Bialobrzeski on financial help available for gig workers during COVID-19 crisis


With unemployment rising, many workers are pivoting to the gig economy.

Independent workers or those who are newly unemployed and looking to get into gig work are getting new financial help.

This comes as so many of us try to make ends meet as the country works to rebound.

“Pre-pandemic we knew that about 60% of these full-time gig workers would have trouble covering a $400 emergency and today through no fault of their own, many more are facing financial challenges,” said Rick Bialobrzeski, Executive Vice President of Strategy at GreenPath.

GreenPath is now offering financial counseling, debt management, and help with benefits and insurance programs specific to independent workers. It’s all free over the phone.

As GreenPath’s press release notes, the timely project with  iPSE-U.S., the Association of Independent Workers,  supports those who need immediate help navigating their debt and financial obligation, with additional access to benefits and insurance programs while they are at home in quarantine, and thereafter.

Read the full press release that shares the details.

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